Vendor Spotlight – Ana Cruz

People claim the ‘perfect wedding’ is a myth. That no couple can live their dream wedding, regardless of whether they hire the best vendors or not…

Do you believe this? LR Entertainment doesn’t, and neither does Ana Cruz. If you’re not familiar with that name, Ana Cruz is one of the best event consultants, planners, and speakers ever.

She’s today’s vendor spotlight and if your wedding is fast approaching, you’ll want to hear what Ana can do for you. The fact her services are sought all over the country means she no average wedding professional. But what else sets her above her peers?



  • What does being an event planner mean to you?

Everything. It’s not just a profession for her. It’s something she’s passionate about, so when Ana works, she doesn’t even see it as work at all. She enjoys what she does and makes sure her clients understand how important their wedding is to her.

  • You’ve been doing this for long, exactly?

Ana’s been doing this for nearly 20 years. The thing with Ana is, planning events comes naturally for her. She sees an opportunity where others see an impossible task. She sits with clients, talks to them, and tries to understand exactly the vision and ideas resting in their mind. She strives to take those ideas and make them a reality, never ignoring even the tiniest details.

Listening to clients is an extremely important part of her business. Ana empathizes with them so much most of her clients say they end up feeling as they’re her only client!

  • How do you feel about working with other vendors or professionals?

She loves it almost as much as she loves her work. For Ana, there is always something to be learned from working with other people. They inspire her as much as she inspires them, so it’s a symbiotic relationship that transcends professionalism and dynamism.

  • What does it feel like to work with different clients, each with their own ideas and visions?

Nothing could please Ana more than that. For her, each event she successfully plans and executes just means another milestone crossed, one more happy couple and fond memories forged forever. She takes in the fact her events are opportunities for clients to express themselves-and be appreciated for doing it-on their special day.

  • And the services you offer?

Ana makes sure she has something for everyone, depending on their wants, preferences, and financial capabilities. The One-one-One Consultation will have clients meeting her for a 2-hour consultation. All the details of the wedding will be ironed out and Ana will learn and understand what the clients want and make sure they get exactly that-and then some-for their big day. There’s also the Jump Starts for couples with a modest budget, the Wedding Works, and more.

There’s a reason Ana Cruz is one of the most sought wedding and event planners in the entire country. Her touch is unmistakably unique. Any wedding she plans ends up being something truly exceptional. You can find out more about her and what she offers on her official website, https://www.anacruz.com/.

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