We provide our own production:
Lighting, lighting effects, dance floor, Audio visual, LED DJ Booth stages and more to complete any wedding or event. A combination of sound, lighting and effects from one company its the way to do it to avoid any issues and to create the perfect atmosphere that you want.

LED Up-Lighting

Adding up-lighting is the first step you want to

take to enhance the appearance and mood of your event


Moving Heads ( Intelligent Lighting)

Intelligent dance floor lighting responds to the music on a second by second basis and is controlled by a lighting technicians.


LED DJ Booth and Walls 

LED DJ Booth



Gobo light projection (monogram, logo, patterns)

Monogram is the elegant final touch for a sophisticated event. The first thing your guests will notice when they enter the room is your name beautifully inscribed with light.


Dance Floor

Dance Floor

Stage (white or black)