Louie Uribe was born to Dominican immigrants in Brooklyn New York. Louie’s earliest influences with music started as a child growing up in Flushing and Corona, Queens. Every weekend he would be by the double cassette tape radio for hours creating mixtapes to take to the streets with his friends. This is where his spirit to love music was born.
Inside his apartment, his parents would argue over who would be able to listen to their music on the record player. So, a compromise was made. His mom would listen to Camilo Sesto, Rafael, and the likes of Johnny Ventura for a couple of hours. Then it was dad’s turn. He would listen to a variety of music ranging from Contemporary Jazz, Opera, and even a little bit of Country. Since Louie had no say inside the house, outside in his neighborhood he would watch local break-dancers. He grew fond of what would later be known as the early stages of hip-hop. All his influences and experiences have helped Louie to realize that music is his passion. It is what he has always wanted to do and play.
DJ Louie is playing any style of music.