Planning the Perfect Ceremony for a Glamorous Couple

Do you tend to class yourself as a fan of glamorous things? If you always opt to add a touch of glamour into your life whenever the opportunity presents itself, this blog post is for you.


When it comes to glamorous occasions, weddings occupy the very top spot, and we love the way in which this magical day is all about making it incorporate everything that you have always dreamt of (to a level that you can’t expect yourself to bring to every Christmas Day). If you’re a self-confessed lover of a bit of glamour, your wedding day is your opportunity to indulge in this fantasy. Below, we’ve created our list of top tips and ideas that you can use to make your ceremony simply radiate glamour. 



  • Take inspiration from Gatsby



We adore everything that art deco stands for; stunning chandeliers, dazzling bling and intricate patterns in gold. By adding any, or all, of the above into the design of your reception, you’re sure to make it a glamorous affair. 



  • Make the drinks divine



Few things provide the reception with an extra layer of luxe quite like a decadent drinks menu. This can include all manner of things, such as posh cocktails, a fantastic range of spirits, or introducing a bit of variety to the drinks menu options, with quirkier ideas or even personalized options for you, and specially designed cocktails named after the bride and groom. For the reception, a great way to provide a luxurious touch is to bring in a bartender to make the cocktails to order and can take requests from your guests. 



  • Delectable canapes



Canapes – they’re often neglected, but quality canapes make an event so much more glamorous. These can include classics done perfectly – like salmon blinis with caviar, or miniature tartlets – or provide you with an opportunity to do things differently – delectable sweet treats, bold flavor sensations and a range of globally inspired fusion cooking, whatever excites you the most.



  • Make the entertainment something sensational



We would class ourselves as quite the experts when it comes to this point. Make the entertainment bold, captivating and exciting, as well as something unusual that makes you stand out. We are able to provide our clients with everything from bands and DJs, to stunning dancers and a huge array of spellbinding entertainers. 


We’re a Florida based wedding entertainment company and whatever luxe, personal touches you’d like us to add to your ceremony, at LR Entertainment, we will work alongside you to provide your wedding day with lots of bespoke, personally tailored signature touches and so, make this sensational event an absolutely unique one.