LR Entertainment - Vendor Spotlight - Island Life Events

Vendor Spotlight – Island Life Events

Being a music expert and an entertainer is more than a dream come true for me. The year 2008 was when I began this journey and for more than a decade now, I’ve been meeting so many amazing people and crossing paths with like-minded individuals who share my passion.

For me, few things are as satisfying as seeing ecstatic couples on their wedding day. It’s always such a pleasant sight because I know I contributed to their joy and mirth.

But this is not something I do alone. I work with others to give clients the grand celebration they want. Today, I’ll introduce you to one of them.

They are called Island Life Events, an event coordination and design company right here in the Sunshine State. I love working with them, and you’ll soon understand why!

  • Collaborate, Create, Celebrate… What do these 3 words entail?

Think of them as their guiding principle. They define what Island Life Events is all about. They believe in collaborating with others to see to the success of events, and they include their clients in the planning process too.

They aim to breathe life into the thoughts, ideas, and vision bubbling in their clients, and to do that, they make sure those clients are involved in the planning every step of the way.

Creating unique and beautiful things is what Island Life Events is known for, and they’re very proud of that. And of course, the end goal of all this is to make sure everything works so well the celebration is twice as memorable as everyone even hoped it could be!


  • Clearly, Island Life Events is passionate about what they do. Does that resonate with the whole team?

Oh yes! Elizabeth Seligman is the Owner and Event Producer of the company and she’s in many ways a visionary. Even though Island Life Events was her brainchild, she didn’t get there by her efforts alone. A dedicated team of amazing people has helped pushed Island Life Events to greater heights. Sarah Parker, the Managing Partner and Event Producer, is one such person.

Both Elizabeth and Sarah share a deep passion for event and design. For them, it’s not just about making a quick buck, no. If their clients aren’t completely satisfied with their services, then their work is simply not done.


  • What do you do? What kind of services do you offer?

Well, Island Life Events loves spending as much time with their clients as they do working for them. Anytime they start work on a new event, it’s always a new challenge and opportunity that they meet almost eagerly.

Over 3 decades in the event industry means they’ve come across every type of client out there, and they have the experience and skills to see to the start and completion of an event.

As for the services Island Life Events offer, the keyword here is ‘perfection’. It underlies everything they do at Island life Events. So, regardless of whether they’re utilizing their talents for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, intimate dinners, corporate events, or holiday parties, they always strive to create something that exceeds their clients’ expectations.

They never start work without sitting with the clients, talking to them, and understanding exactly what they want. That’s an extremely important part of Island Life Events.

They’re based in South Florida, and even though they mostly cover Miami to Key West areas, they’re no strangers to destination weddings and events. With their trove of premier venues and excellent vendors to buff up their services, you can’t go wrong with Island Life Events. That is a simple fact.

The tiers of services they offer have to be mentioned too. Clients choose tiers based on wants or preferences, but each tier is great! Island Life Events offers the Concept to Completion (Full Planning) tier, Intermezzo (Partial Planning), and Finishing Touches (Month Of).


You can easily reach Island Life Events through this phone number, 305-923-9315. Better yet, go to to book their services and see all they have to offer.

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