Top Tips to Stay On Top of Your Wedding Planning

There might be a lot of people out there who are absolutely giddy about the thought of getting to plan a wedding, who love all the intricate details and decisions and are, naturally, very good at keeping themselves organized. But we also know that, while there are plenty of these people among our clients, there are also plenty of people who find the whole thing a bit of an organizational nightmare! 


We’ve helped organize the entertainment for countless clients, so we’re super used to keeping everything organized and meticulously planned ready for an upcoming wedding day. With all of our experience behind us, we wanted to help out our clients who might find the task of planning a wedding a little bit daunting, by sharing a few of our favorite tips. So we’ve dedicated this blog to providing our favorite, handy ways to stay on top of your wedding planning and make sure that your day goes off absolutely flawlessly. 


  • Keep a master notebook 


First things first, buy yourself a smart, good quality big notebook (or a ring binder folder with section dividers if you prefer) to keep everything contained and organized. This is where you can store all of your notes – covering everything from venue ideas to contact numbers and even just brainstorming your ideas – so that they’re all in one, convenient place. 


  • Deadlines


This is a really important one. Although it might sound a bit strict and serious, it’s really vital that you set yourself deadlines for different stages, and have a clear sense of when each element will need to be confirmed by. This could be the dates that you need to pay final deposits for things like your venue, the date which you’ve planned to meet a potential flower arranger, or even just personal goals for when you’d like to have different bits and bobs sorted and finalised by. We promise it will help you stay calm in the long run!


  • Don’t worry!


Just as a final point, try not to worry too much. Although it can feel like a lot to deal with at times it will all be ok and on the day it will all come together beautifully. So enjoy the planning and designing of your special day.


Do you have any extra handy, clever tips that you think our list is missing? Let us know in the comments about how your wedding planning is going and how you keep yourself on top of it all. We’re a professional wedding entertainment company based in Florida. At LR Entertainment, we work closely with all of our clients to provide them with a detailed and highly personalised service, to make the entertainment on their wedding day fantastic, bespoke and absolutely flawless.