The Producer

Leeor Rozner is a top music and entertainment industry leader and top event, music and entertainment planner and producer.

With many years in the event industry, Leeor helped to create amazing weddings, corporate events and upscale private events with his masterful knowledge in music & entertainment production, skilled experience, creativity, attention to small details, first-class costumer service and out-of-the-box thinking.

Leeor Rozner and his team can plan, design and manage any wedding, corporate event or special event by providing a full scale of services.

Clients hire Leeor Rozner and his team for their knowledge as event
planner and producer to handle each and every element of your event.

Leeor is also an active member in NACE Miami (National Association Of Catering And Events) and WIPA (Wedding International Professional Association), which makes him a well-recognized producer in the industry.

” I live to create breathtaking and exciting events and music & entertainment experiences. That’s my mission.” – Leeor