L R Entertainment has all types of musicians for Any Occasion. 

Their talented team of musicians play Violin, Cello, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Harp, Steel Drums, Drummers, Spanish Guitar, Electric Violin and more. 

Choose your favorite musical instrument to match your style of event or you can have them play alongside the DJ to liven up any event.

We don’t just provide music, we can customize any musical performance for any occasion

Let L R Entertainment’s knowledgeable staff guide you on how to use their musicians.  Whether you want music during the Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and Reception, throughout and after Dinner, on the dance floor of after party, their skillful advice will show you the best way to showcase your musicians while highlighting your event’s memorable moments.

L R Entertainment’s musicians are experienced, so with the many music styles they play you’ll be sure to find what best fits your event.  Pick from a variety of genres such as Classical, Popular, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Pop, Latin, Calypso, International, Blues and more.  You may also select your desired performance style such as Solo, Duets, Trios, Quartets and much more.  

Guitar and Violin

String Quartet

Flute And Violin Duets

String Quintet - Havana - Despacito

Flute Quintet - Fly me to the moon - Vivir La Vida

Sax ~ Electric Violin & Keytar

Bongo ~ Violin & Spanish Guitar

Jazz Trio

Electric Violin Trio

Harp & Keyboard

Flute, Guitar & Percussionist

String Trio

Poablo Trio

Violin & Piano

Bongo & Electric Violin

Mariachi Band