How To Decide Whether a DJ or Live Band Is Best For Your Wedding

If you and your partner are stuck in lockdown together, the plus side is its a fantastic opportunity for the two of you to crack down on some wedding planning together. When planning a wedding, there is a lot of small decisions to make like ‘What flavor of cake tastes the best?’.  There is also a lot of big decisions to decide, where you’ll need to weigh your options carefully to choose the right one for you.

For us, as professional wedding entertainment specialists, we believe one of the biggest decisions you can make when preparing for your wedding day is the choice between a DJ and a live band. Both of these options are key components of wedding entertainment, as they provide the main showstopping attraction for the evening, that ultimately aims to finish off your wedding with an unforgettable celebration.

So, if you’re currently trying to weigh your options and decide whether a DJ or a live band would best suit you, take a look at our handy list below, to help make your deciding infinitely easier.

DJ or Live Band

  • Think about what you picture the tone of the evening to be like – they both set the tone of the whole evening of your wedding, each in a very different way. If you picture a big party with everyone on their feet, a DJ is for you. Or, if you picture flowing conversations and a lively but very romantic ambience, go for a band.
  • What are you like as a couple? – your entertainment choice should suit your signature style as a couple. It depends on whether you’re a pair of party animals (you’ll love a DJ) or like to add a glamorous touch to an occasion (where a live band provides the perfect sophisticated addition).
  • Consider which type of music is your favorite – think about different types of bands and the types of music they will play. Compare this to the style of music that a DJ will provide during the evening. If you feel like you’d prefer the evening to be filled with classical rather than pop, then you have your answer.
  • Do you have any key songs in mind? If you feel like your ceremony would not be complete without a particular song (whether that’s the song you and your partner heard when you first met, or the song your parents danced to on their wedding day), then a DJ is the right option for you. Our DJs are some of the most talented and experienced in the industry. They tailor their services and playlists to ensure that the songs played throughout the night exactly match your tastes, while playing your favorites at key points during the evening.


If you still find you really can’t make up your mind, we can offer you both!  At L R Entertainment, we’ve taken our entertainment services one step further with the addition of the next big thing to hit the industry – Fusion combines a party DJ alongside two and twelve live musicians, to form a sensational combination and a really funky, memorable addition to your wedding day.


If you’d like to learn more about who we are, and what services we can offer you on your wedding day, we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with us via phone, email or our social media channels. Speak to a member of our fantastic team to find out how we can take your wedding entertainment to the next level.