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How To Decide Whether a DJ or Live Band Is Best For Your Wedding

How To Decide Whether a DJ or Live Band Is Best For Your Wedding

If you and your partner are stuck in lockdown together, the plus side is its a fantastic opportunity for the two of you to crack down on some wedding planning together. When planning a wedding, there is a lot of small decisions to make like ‘What flavor of cake tastes the best?’.  There is also […]

Top Tips to Stay On Top of Your Wedding Planning

Top Tips to Stay On Top of Your Wedding Planning

There might be a lot of people out there who are absolutely giddy about the thought of getting to plan a wedding, who love all the intricate details and decisions and are, naturally, very good at keeping themselves organized. But we also know that, while there are plenty of these people among our clients, there […]

Alina Moleta Event Planning & Design

When it comes to organizing a wedding, it’s just about the most stressful, nerve-wracking and multi-step process that you’ll ever have to face for an event, probably in your entire life! (Unless you have 200 guests around at Thanksgiving).    That’s why we couldn’t recommend picking a wedding planner strongly enough. They’ll help you out […]

Planning the Perfect Ceremony for a Glamorous Couple

Do you tend to class yourself as a fan of glamorous things? If you always opt to add a touch of glamour into your life whenever the opportunity presents itself, this blog post is for you.   When it comes to glamorous occasions, weddings occupy the very top spot, and we love the way in […]

Vendor Spotlight – Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event Design

As a full-service production company, believe us when we say culinary and events design is particularly important to your event. It will determine how the event will be viewed by your guests, and how entertained and comfortable that event will make them. For any event you’re hosting, make sure to prioritize your event design, the […]

5 Reasons Why Hiring A Wedding Planner Is Best

A wedding is a celebration of love, happiness, and a new milestone in your relationship. But not all couples will attest to this. This is because they become so stressed in the planning period that it ruins all the romance between them and they’re just left with going through the ceremony as a mere ‘protocol.’ […]

Vendor Spotlight – Bill Hansen Catering and Event Planning

As a music and entertainment production company, we’re here to make sure you’re thoroughly entertained for the entirety of your event. Utter entertainment is what we’re all about; that’s what Leeor Rozner envisioned when he conceived LR Entertainment.   Through his leadership and creativity, LR Entertainment has now assumed the mantle of being the only […]

6 Tips on Planning an Unforgettable Wedding

Every couple wants an unforgettable wedding. That’s a fact as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. But it is never easy to know where to start from when it comes to planning one. For a truly unforgettable wedding, L R Entertainment have put together some really great tips. Check them out! Hire A Planner […]

Vendor Spotlight – Ana Cruz

People claim the ‘perfect wedding’ is a myth. That no couple can live their dream wedding, regardless of whether they hire the best vendors or not… Do you believe this? LR Entertainment doesn’t, and neither does Ana Cruz. If you’re not familiar with that name, Ana Cruz is one of the best event consultants, planners, […]

3 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Wedding

Spring is almost here, and you know what that means, right? Summer is right around the corner! Prepare for a truckload of summer weddings, backyard barbecues, pool parties and lots, lots more! The only thing that might put a halt to this is COVID-19, but we’re all hoping for the best. If things play out […]